Additional Construction Markets



Bingman has worked on a variety of projects for financial institutions. From private offices and restricted-access areas to public spaces, our customers know that can rely on Bingman to deliver a comprehensive, functional space when completed.

Banks and credit unions can rest assured that construction of local branches will involve a thorough process to evaluate the constructability of vaults, visible and invisible security features, and reinforced ATMs enclosures while at the same time providing a welcoming environment for the general public.

While other financial institutions such as mortgage companies, brokerage firms and insurance providers conduct much of their business online, many of them choose to have physical locations to provide their clients with a more personal experience. BINGMAN has been involved in many projects that re-imagine office, meeting and reception areas into functional, welcoming, modern spaces.

Financial clients can expect projects by Bingman to be inviting, functional and, above all, secure.

Entertainment & Hospitality

For nearly two decades, the Bingman team has been involved in projects for entertainment and hospitality venues such as museums, restaurants, bars and public venues. Our customers can be reassured in our ability to draw upon experiences in other, similar projects while maintaining a unique identity for their own.

The pre-construction planning and design phase is critical to meet the needs and challenges of these projects. The scope of these projects can appear complicated to some but with our team approach involving clients, architects and consultants, Bingman makes this process seamless with dedicated staff, unparalleled customer service, and end results that will not only satisfy the customer but also the patrons.

Multi-Family Residential

Bingman has built significant residential projects and understands how to turn buildings into homes. Our multi-family projects provide a community feel while maintaining a level of privacy for every resident.

Experienced in both new building construction as well as historic renovations, Bingman has managed projects that use the best materials combined with the latest technologies. Our dedication to sustainability also guarantees that our projects will be energy-efficient and have minimal impact on the environment during and after construction. This experience is essential for our customers’ ability to achieve their desired objectives quickly while providing them the attention and service they expect from their contractor.

Public and Municipal

The Bingman team has extensive experience providing services for public and municipal agencies.

Whether we were renovating a city hall or building facilities for a county health department, Bingman has always pledged to provide the best services to our public and municipal agencies. We understand these projects not only benefit the people who use these facilities day-to-day but, by extension, the entire community they serve.

Bingman has nearly two decades of experience building projects for cities, counties and police departments. By partnering on these projects, we are committed to providing the best value for the community they serve while maintaining the highest quality of workmanship.

Tenant Improvement

Bingman has a significant portfolio of projects focused on renovations, restorations and office space redesigns. Whether the size of the budget is large or small, our customers understand they will be working with a highly committed team of professionals that will ensure a great outcome on every project.

The scope of these projects varies greatly. From enclosed spaces in small facilities, to entire floors in large office buildings, Bingman has completed these projects on-budget and on-time while maintaining minimal disruptions to tenants and ensuring all safety procedures are followed to prevent incidents.

Since its inception, Bingman has retained clients for multiple projects as our reputation has exceeded expectations. With our unmatched planning, design-build and contracting services, you can be confident Bingman will provide significant improvements to your facilities that will meet your needs for the foreseeable future.

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