Construction Management

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Comprehensive Construction Management Expertise

At Bingman, we're masters of Construction Management, keeping our clients in the loop every step of the way. From costs to schedule, scope to safety, and quality, we provide constant updates, taking full accountability for delivering successful project outcomes.

Risk Mitigation & Strategic Partnerships

Bingman prioritizes risk management by fostering close partnerships with owners and architects throughout all project phases. Our construction management team meticulously controls costs and mitigates risks using advanced technologies to assess constructability and scheduling.

Furthermore, we mitigate your risk by carefully selecting top-tier vendors who adhere strictly to industry standards.


Four Phases of Construction Management


Clients entrust us with their needs, goals, scope, timeline, and budget, aligning with their pro forma expectations. Bingman meticulously assembles and oversees a team of specialized construction professionals comprising architects, engineers, and other consultants.

Together, we assess project feasibility and anticipate potential construction challenges. Additionally, we conduct thorough research to recommend the most suitable delivery method aligned with project objectives.


Next, we refine design documents to narrow down specifications and achieve a more precise budget. Simultaneously, we initiate the hiring process for construction teams while implementing rigorous risk management strategies to address potential concerns proactively before construction commences.

Our proven risk management approach consistently maintains change orders at less than one percent, particularly when owner-driven changes are eliminated .


During this critical and labor-intensive phase, Bingman conducts thorough site and quality control inspections to ensure adherence to the project plan. We meticulously monitor safety and insurance protocols, coordinate permits, manage budgets, and ensure timely payments, meticulously comparing all information to the project's pro forma. We prioritize prompt responses to all information requests and meticulously review technical submittals before approval.

Effective communication is paramount at this stage to ensure all stakeholders are fully satisfied with the project's progression.


In the final phase, Bingman delivers comprehensive warranties, ledgers, and manuals to the client, ensuring a seamless transition as the project moves into the warranty stage. We update insurance coverage from construction to permanent property insurance, providing clients with all necessary project information and, if needed, conducting training sessions on the new facility.

Clients receive keys, as-built documents, and photo documentation showcasing project progress for their records.

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