Design-Build Services

Working as a team for greater innovation, problem-solving, and productivity

Design-Build Collaboration Fuels Success

In contrast to traditional project delivery methods, such as separate contracts with designers and contractors, the Design-Build approach eliminates potential conflicts between these groups. This method, now adopted in nearly 50% of projects nationwide, fosters seamless collaboration (Source: Design-Build Institute of America).

At Bingman, we serve as the sole point of contact for our clients, ensuring consensus among all parties before work commences. This collaborative ethos cultivates innovative problem-solving and fosters creativity.

Shaping Projects Together with Bingman

As your partner in the process, we proactively identify areas of inefficient spending, explore alternatives, and propose cost-effective materials and methods while upholding the design's integrity. Your input shapes the project direction.

We view construction as a collaborative endeavor, engaging clients to grasp user needs, site opportunities, and budget constraints, all while considering social, cultural, and environmental goals. Our knowledgeable team thrives on constructive dialogue, driving meaningful progress.

Maintaining a team-oriented approach, Bingman prioritizes principal involvement and personal attention. This continuity reflects our commitment to advancing best practices through collaborative efforts, both internally and with clients.

Delivering High-Quality Design & Construction

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