Our Approach

Helping to Reduce Risk in Construction by Identifying the Best Vendors

Risk Mitigation and Collaborative Excellence

Bingman Construction Company mitigates risk through collaborative partnerships with owners and architects across all project phases. Our construction management team uses technology to assess constructability and project schedules to ensure cost control and risk mitigation. We further reduce risk by meticulously selecting vendors who adhere to industry-leading standards, ensuring optimal project outcomes.

Professional Team

Professionalism shines through our unified team, consistently delivering top-notch projects with expertise and precision.

Speed & Efficiency

We utilize cutting-edge technology to assess project constructability and scheduling while also implementing cost controls and risk mitigation strategies.


Each of our projects starts with a dedication to transparent, sincere communication among customers, employees, vendors, and subcontractors.


Sustainability is integrated into all our projects through a comprehensive approach covering management, procurement, construction, and strategic services.


Bingman started the project on time, completed each phase earlier than scheduled, stayed within budget, and provided creative ideas identifying cost-effective alternatives.

- Kimberly Butts, CPSM, Director of Purchasing at Kirkwood

Our team came to the table with an idea and a vision; Bingman Construction made it become a reality in a timeframe others told us was impossible.

- Tyler J. Hannegan, Co-Owner and Operator at EDKH, LLC

Delivering High-Quality Design & Construction

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