Construction practices for a greener tomorrow

Committed to Sustainable Construction Practices

At Bingman Construction Company, we proudly stand as pioneers in sustainable construction within the region. We embrace the profound opportunity and responsibility inherent in implementing practices that elevate productivity while minimizing environmental impact.

Sustainability is not merely a concept but a fundamental aspect woven into every facet of our projects. From management to procurement and construction functions, we employ a comprehensive approach that seamlessly integrates sustainable principles. This enables us to conceive, design, and construct exceptional projects that enrich our clients and society at large.

Our innovative designs boast longevity while prioritizing resource conservation, waste reduction, and energy efficiency. By utilizing recycled and sustainable materials, we champion environmental preservation throughout every phase of construction.

We are steadfast in our commitment to spearhead sustainable construction initiatives in every endeavor we undertake. This dedication emanates from the highest echelons of our organization, cascading down from our President/CEO to every member of our team.

Tyson Living Learning Center

As evidence of our unwavering commitment to sustainable construction, we proudly served as the primary contractor for one of the world's inaugural buildings certified to meet the exacting standards of the Living Building Challenge 1.3.

The Tyson Living Learning Center stands as a beacon of innovation, a testament to what is achievable in sustainable design. As a Net-Zero Energy and Net-Zero Water facility, it sets a new standard by producing zero waste.

Bingman takes immense pride in being the General Contractor for this groundbreaking project. Its unparalleled sustainability surpasses any other endeavor we have encountered or been part of.

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