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The Right Tools for Construction in the Digital Age

At Bingman, we use a combination of physical and digital tools to ensure we’re doing the best for our clients. Whether it’s site security, progress documentation, or collaboration with our clients and partners, we have the right tool for the job.


The Bingman Difference

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Construction Management

Procore enables seamless management of projects from initial bidding to final closeout, ensuring enhanced visibility, operational efficiency, and profitability across the entire project lifecycle.


We leverage Procore for real-time collaboration among project teams, including owners, general contractors, and speciality contractors.

Enhanced Efficiency

Procore allows us to streamline our processes through advanced automations that keep projects running smoothly.

Measurement & Markup

We leverage the purpose-built tools in Procore to accurately annotate and markup PDF drawings and blueprints.


Procore integrates with the other technologies we use to create a seamless data exchange between platforms, devices, and teams.

Advanced Tools of the Trade

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TrueLook allows us to secure and manage jobsite effectively through remote live viewing, intellivent security, time-lapse, and photo documentation.


StructionSite allows us to capture and organize 360° photo documentation of projects to provide to the owner's maintenance team upon completion.


Bluebeam helps Bingman sync teams, save time, and mitigate risk throughout the design, build, and project handover phases.

Drone Videography

Drone videography captures video footage from the sky using a drone that brings your project to life through still images and video footage.

Cloud-Based Tech

Cloud computing allows us to share on-demand resources in real-time and collaborate with our partners and clients, which is a critical component of our deliver method and success.
Webcam  Live Construction

Enterprise Mobility

Watch our next project take shape! View our construction site livestream here—and check back regularly to see the progress made.

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