Cultivation Grow Facility

Robust Medicinals

Project Overview


When other construction firms balk at challenges presented for a project, Bingman goes above and beyond to meet those challenges.

Such was the case when we were approached with a project to build a 74,000-square-foot cultivation facility that included processing and manufacturing in Cuba, Missouri.

The timeframe was dismissed as “impossible” by other firms. Bingman completed the facility in seven months. This is, on average, 3 months faster than any other general contractor.

From the beginning, Bingman worked with Robust openly and transparently to ensure budgets, timelines, expectations, and goals were met. By obtaining the best prices through subcontracting and negotiations, Bingman completed the project for 30% less cost than the industry standard.

The facility is now fully operational and serving clients in the State of Missouri.

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