School of Medicine Wet Lab

Washington University in St. Louis

Project Overview


Bingman has a tradition of delivering unique projects for the Healthcare and Life Sciences market. Our team has the experience to build facilities that incorporate complex requirements and designs. When Washington University Medical School needed a wet lab to perform experiments, Bingman knew the construction of this facility needed to be done to precise specifications.

Challenges often appear in these types of projects, but careful pre-planning ensured ongoing operations while the construction work took place. As is the case with these types of projects, high expectations were driven by the implementation of technology and mechanical systems to ensure these specially-made systems yielded accurate results.

We understand the standards for construction in this market are much higher than others. Healthcare construction is a small market because of the need for perfection and attention to detail. For over a decade, Bingman has amassed significant experience working with advanced equipment related to the healthcare industry.

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